About me

My Resume

I am a full stack developer with a background in journalism and education.

My professional history

I currently work for Fabric Technologies in Brooklyn. Here, I am learning the joys of back end web development without managing servers and getting my hands dirty with Gatsby and React.

Before joining Fabric at the start of 2019, I spent a year and a work as a contractor at Google, mostly for the Local Guides community. I also got to work on an interesting internal tool that worked as an interface for creating templates for eloquent natural language to describe places on Google Maps.

Before my that, I worked at a small startup called Study Abroad Apartments, where I was the first and only technical employee for quite some time. This stage of my career also gave me the pleasure of training and mentoring a junior developer fresh out of a web bootcamp.

Prior to that, I had the honor to be a part of 2U, a leading education technology company, for just over two years.

Before that, I went through the crucible of General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program, where I spent three months learning and practicing front and back end web development.

I have enjoyed a number of careers before I became a professional web developer. I was a freelance business journalist, a Japanese to English translator, an arts and culture reporter, photographer, and translator in Yokohama while teaching in the city’s public schools, and thats only the non service jobs I have worked.

The remains of my day

I ride my bike a lot. (Follow me on Strava)! I like a nice long rides into the sticks and I plan on posting more field notes from my rides on this blog.

I read a bunch, also picking up Spanish where I can.

I’m also getting into birding lately.

Please drop me a line to get in touch!

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