I am a full stack dev with experience in every realm of web development from devops to design. My favorite stack is with Ruby on Rails, which I have been using for over four years. I also have some experience with Python and Node.js but Rails is my go-to for getting things done. It is also my favorite topic to teach students.

I currently work as a contractor at Google, where I am learning so much and having a lot of fun. I am mostly handling front end development in Angular JS for the Local Guides community.

Before my current role, I worked at a small startup called Study Abroad Apartments, where I was the only technical employee for quite some time. I took care of implementing new features and maintaining all aspects of the product. I also had the pleasure of training and mentoring a fresh junior developer.

Prior to that, I had the honor to be a part of 2U, a leading education technology company, for just over two years. At 2U, I got some great experience working with a huge team of top notch developers using Python and PHP, among other things.

Before that, I went through the crucible of General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program, where I spent three months learning and practicing front and back end web development.

I’ve enjoyed a number of careers before I became a professional web developer. I was a freelance business journalist, a Japanese to English translator, an arts and culture reporter, photographer, and translator in Yokohama while teaching in the city’s public schools, and thats only the non service jobs I’ve worked.

When not in front of a screen, I like to take nice long bike rides, read history, graphic novels, and sometimes both. Please drop me a line to get in touch!

Special thanks to the random guy back in 2010 at Kinpira Kitchen in Noge, Yokohama, who happened to just draw that picture of me while I was photographing the place for the Yokohama Seasider.