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NYC-based Ruby on Rails + front end web developer, former journalist, lifelong learner.

I am a former journalist, now a full-stack web developer with about two years of experience coding. I work with Python, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, CoffeeScript, and other programming languages and frameworks. I am a proud graduate of General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program, where I received 12 weeks of full-time instruction in front and back-end development and agile methodologies. I am always eager to learn more.



Inspired by WordChamp, a great but defunct web app that helped teach me Japanese, I worked with three other talented developers to create TangoChan, a tool for efficiently drilling Japanese vocabulary.

Users can seach for words from our database to build lists, or copy a list from other users. If you get one wrong while practicing, it comes back again until you get it right. If a word is unfamiliar, you can see a tweet with that word instantly for context.


CameraPhile takes great photos and metadata from Flickr every day and lets you search them by which camera they were taken with.

If you find a camera that you like, you can add it to your personal wishlist. You can then filter the photos you see in the wishlist view and to see only the photos that fit your photography style. When you find the perfect camera, you can go straight to Amazon to buy it.


A finalist for the Publishing Hackathon in 2013, BookCities helps you find that great novel for your next trip based on where the novel is set.

What better time to read A Moveable Feast than your trip to Paris? With this app, you can find novels that introduce you to the city.


A winner in the Hack Red Hook competition of 2014, SmoothStreets uses NYC open data and user-submitted data to report dangerous road conditions.

If a bicyclist finds a dangerous pothole, he or she can plot it on the map while simultaneously emailing and calling the relevant local community board (through the Twilio API) to make sure something is done about it. All in just one click.

Before diving into code, I worked as a freelance journalist and translator.

My work has appeared in numerous outlets including Skift, Business Insider, Quartz, City Limits Magazine, The Atlantic Business, WNYC, MSN Money, MarketWatch Minyanville, Post Road Magazine, The L Magazine, and DNAinfo. Selections of my writing can be found on my journalism portfolio.

I lived in Japan for over three years, where I taught in the public junior high schools in Yokohama. While I was there I helped start Yokohama Seasider, Koe, and Japan Beer Times, three culture magazines. I wrote, reported, took photos, and translated for those publications. I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at level 2. I still translate Japanese news broadcasts for American audiences on a freelance basis.

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